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Store Policy


You can sign up to be a member on our website. Members can save favorite kusudama and access some member-only resources in the future. By being our member, you also subscribe to our mailing list. We may send newsletter to your email once a month. You will get latest news about kusudama collection progress and special offer.


We collect your email address when sign up. Your password is encrypted and secret. We will not reveal your personal information to anyone else. You may unsubscribe anytime by clicking the link at the bottom of newsletter. If you have any problems with membership, please contact us on the contact page.


Most of contents in this website are creative common. You can distribute kusudama images, origami diagram, video tutorial that designed by PrwOrigami. You can fold PrwOrigami's models and sell if you like. If you think some model is designed by someone else, please inform me by filling in the form in contact page to include citation with link or request unpublished if you have a tutorial somewhere else and a confirmation from the author. Note that be careful to the models designed by other artists. If you are not sure, please contact original author directly.


payment methods

We are glad to see kusudama in your business model or display in exhibition somewhere. You can send inquiry to collaborate in selling paper or create a DIY kit or making a book. We welcome any new opportunities.


- Credit / Debit Cards

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