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  • Do you have your origami book?
    We have published "518 Kusudama Journey" on Amazon. We put our website contents in one book. Note that it is not a diagram book. Use it as a reference to study various kusudama models.
  • Where do you buy origami paper?
    We bought from Daiso shop in Bangkok, Thailand. You can find Daiso paper from Japanese shop on Etsy. ----- You can buy other brand in Amazon, eBay or stationery shop. Origami is not required special paper, so any paper you can find is okay. If the result is not beautiful, you can experiment with another paper type.
  • Are all kusudamas in your website designed by PrwOrigami?
    No, some models are designed by others. We always give credit to the artists in the description. Sometimes we folded other's design because we run out of idea or appreciate it very much. There are about 150+ models not original by PrwOrigami and you can use artist filter on the gallery page. Some models are set visibility to private.
  • Where can I find how to fold your kusudama?
    We have YouTube channel We also provide the link to YouTube video in each kusudama listing page. We have diagram for some models in our website too.
  • Can I make my own video on how to fold your model on YouTube?
    Yes, you can. It is a kind of spread the knowledge. However, you should refer to, or write a credit to PrwOrigami. ----- For example, "This kusudama is referenced from [X] designed by PrwOrigami". ----- If there is another artist involved, you should include more information such as "This kusudama is a variation of [Y] designed by [Artist] and referenced to [X] designed by PrwOrigami". ----- Please read the description and give a reference correctly because some model are not designed by PrwOrigami as written in the description. ----- If you have modified the model, you can give the model a new name with credit to your name and other artists such as "[Z] designed by [Your name] and a variation of [X] designed by PrwOrigami with respect to [Y] designed by [Artist]".
  • Can I use your contents for my website or share to social network?
    Yes, our content is creative common. You can use our kusudama photos, videos, diagrams for your work with credit to PrwOrigami. We are happy that our content is useful to many people. ---- Please read the description to make sure that the model is designed by who and give a proper credit.
  • Can I fold your model and sell my work?
    Yes, you can. Folding kusudama is not easy and quality depends on the folder and material, so your work is also unique and not prohibit by copyright.
  • What's happen if my design is accidentally the same as your model?
    Don't be worry. It is normal to happen. We recommend you to write the date created for your model, so people can compare which one was created before.
  • How to buy your kusudama?
    Please contact us privately to buy original kusudama piece. You can buy our accessories on our website.
  • How do you price each kusudama?
    Price depends on feeling, quality, time, material and difficulty. It is mostly about time to complete each model. The rate is 300 THB / hour and some model required time of new design idea. Some original model is expensive. Each item is unique produce only once, consider like an artist work.
  • Does kusudama come with display box?
    We will put kusudama in a transparent plastic PVC box dimension 10 x 10 x 10 cm or higher.
  • Do you ship worldwide and how much?
    We ship to many countries. Thailand : flat rate 60 THB. International begin with 160 - 320 THB. You can see the shipping cost when you check out in online store.
  • Do you accept return or refund?
    Unfortunately, we do not accept return or refund.
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