Our Story

PrwOrigami is named by nickname of folder, แพรว (Praew). Japanese name written in katakana Pu-Re-U in a logo.


PrwOrigami mission is to collect 1000 kusudamas mostly designed by myself. We record video instruction of some models for you to learn our design. Kusudama names are related to its colors and look with meaning about life, spiritual and peace.

Praew got PhD in Mathematics while fighting with bipolar disorder. At that time, Praew fascinated in modular origami and made a presentation in academic conference. Since then Praew got skilled in folding and assembling 30 units kusudama. In 2014, Praew created PrwOrigami and played with it with a lot of mistake by mania episode.

Once Praew had made origami earrings for sell to have business model, but it made Praew got a lot of stress because it is not the first intention of PrwOrigami. Praew quitted folding origami for a year. However, in 2018, Praew got inspiration from Kankichi channel on YouTube and designed new models.

Praew discovered that folding kusudama helps reduce social media addiction and feel better in mental health recovering. With a skill to design new model, Praew has a dream to become a Kusudama designer. PrwOrigami got new mission to collect 1000 kusudamas and publish works to the world.

PrwOrigami's Dream :

Collect 1000 Kusudamas

Mission may take time to 10 years. Follow us on Instagram and subscribe YouTube to support us.

PrwOrigami Logo

Past Newsletter

  • 01/19 - Now, I have reason to wake up everyday

  • 02/19Connect people with new design almost everyday

  • 03/19100th kusudama

  • 04/19Discipline is a key to success

  • 05/19 - Excited to have friends around the world

  • 06/19 - Shall inspire people to be better

  • 07/19 - Growing a seed of goodness in you

  • 08/19 - Art gallery dream

  • 09/19 - Do the right thing to grow network

  • 10/19 - 200th kusudama

  • 11/19 - Let's change someone's world forward

  • 12/19 - Make a beautiful world

  • 01/20 - Kusudama classroom at Ratchaburi

  • 02/20 - PrwOrigami Quiz Available on Google Play

  • 03/20 - Happy, Healthy, Hopeful

  • 04/20 - Stay at home and do origami

  • 05/20 - 300th kusudama

  • 06/20 - Search and favorite functions

  • 07/20 - Always be kindness

  • 08/20 - Never stop discover

  • 09/20 - We will do our best in the next post

  • 10/20 - Let's become a designer

  • 11/20 - Continue with your mission

  • 12/20 - 400th kusudama

  • 01/21 - Be happy, be yourself

  • 02/21 - 1000 Kusudama Dream

  • 03/21 - Meet new people for idea & connection

  • 04/21 - Be regular and orderly in your life

  • 05/21 - Special design for Bolivia event

  • 06/21 - Support everybody's efforts

  • 07/21 - Make everyday a play day

  • 08/21 - Connect to the Universe

  • 09/21 - 500th kusudama

  • 10/21 - Kusudama lighting for Halloween

  • 11/21 - Disconnect to reconnect

  • 12/21 - Find the right place happily

  • 01/22 - NFT Project

  • 02/22 - Love friends, Self-care, Good vibe

  • 03/22 - Create sustainable living

Fan Art

Draw PrwOrigami Fan Art final - rodrigom

Girl holding Kusudama

by Rodrigo M. from Argentina

Lady Holding Kusudama

Lady holding Kusudama

by Kankichi from Canada

1000 Kusudama Dream

1000 Kusudama Dream

by Julie H. from United States

Girl Holding Kusudama

Girl holding Kusudama

by Jose V. from Venezuela

Sunflower Girl

Sunflower Girl

by Gian P. from Peru

Fund for Building Art Gallery

1000 kusudamas want to have home. After finish the mission, we will build art gallery in Ratchaburi, Thailand to display these kusudamas. It will be the place for learning origami and tourist attraction in my hometown.