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Staff Picks Kusudama

Updated: Feb 8

If you have no idea which kusudama you want to fold, we have selected some models for you to try.

We divide into categories:

  1. A + 2 Pockets

  2. Duo Pocket

  3. Bicolor Sonobe

  4. Flower Sonobe

  5. Spikey Star

  6. Uncommon

  7. Dodecahedron

A + 2 Pockets

use 3 sheets to form a unit as Sonobe shape

Duo Pocket

use (1:2) rectangle 2 sheets to form a unit as Sonobe shape

Bicolor Sonobe

Sonobe shape that play with front and back side of paper

Flower Sonobe

try Sonobe structure with flowering over it

Spike Star

try models with Spike if you are bored with Sonobe


explore many possibility with uncommon unit


introducing kusudama with dodecahedron shape

We will add more categories soon.


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