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  • Hidden messages of paper folding

  • Implication for origami practice

As a kid, we learn to play with paper by folding it. The moment we see plain paper transformed to something amazing impress our experience. When we grow up, paper folding is known as an activity for kids, or just a hobby to enjoy after work.

Paper folding in Japanese is called Origami. This word becomes deep meaning nowadays. Origami is involved in mathematical science, engineering, and promote it as a tool for STEM education. When we see origami as a high-class technology, it becomes serious with kids and they might have a bias believe that it is difficult. Japanese culture for origami may be a tool to deliver indirectly messages in an art form. So each origami creation contains a secret meaning or feeling or character of who fold it. Some situation you have to stay and cannot escape such as legs injury hospitalized or waiting for the end of difficult education. You might do origami to create something interesting and the hard time pass unconsciously.

An origami skill is questioned to be valuable. With only origami skill, it is hard to do for living. But I believe it is a basic skill that leads to develop complex skill for new innovation also to express ourselves as a human being. The purpose of teaching origami may be different for each individual. Just an entertainment, an example for geometry curriculum, or a spiritual art. Origami material is just paper, so it is affordable for everyone to learn. But the invisible cost is time, do you want to spend 2-10 hours to create origami instead of financial investment.

For me, I am tired from capitalism and do origami as an art of hidden messages.