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Origami Copyleft

Thai people usually ask me "did you get money from doing origami?". I tell them no people will buy the finished model, people want to make it by themselves. Then they are not interested in folding origami because it cannot make them rich.


I fold origami kusudama because it is my scientific research to experiment and publish my discovery. It is an art. It is beautiful. It makes the world more joyful. But a few people want to make kusudama because it is difficult and takes time. To make kusudama be popular in Thailand, I should show them that kusudama makes money and fame. But there is some obstacle.


Folding some kusudama and sell it is prohibit by origami community "copyright".

Not all people can design new model, so they want to make the kusudama that prior exist. They want to make beautiful kusudama they like and sell, but some artists do not allow. I know it is copyright issue, but I think I will be very happy that they spend 2 hours to make kusudama I designed. I am happy that my design is spread to more people, so my design is not dead in the library. So that my origami kusudama design is "copyleft", I allow to distribute, modify or sell with giving credit to me.


There is a discussion for the copyright of origami diagram.

I want to share my opinion.

The method of folding any model is considered as a mathematics or scientific matter. By some country law, it cannot claim copyright. But how about the diagram that show method of folding, why it has copyright? The diagram itself is copyright because it is a drawing or computer graphic image. So if you copy the original diagram and use it without permission is wrong. But how about if I redraw the diagram of kusudama designed by other artist, do I have right to do this? It is difficult matter in this topic because you can accidentally design the same model as it has been designed before. But if you intend to redraw with knowing that you steal their idea and write your name for credit, it is not fair. However, you are spread the knowledge of method to fold this model, so that the model is not dead. You should give credit to the designer. If you did not seen their diagram before and it is your original idea, you just write the date created in the diagram. So people can compare which diagram created before or who designed first. However, some artist will come to you and ask you to delete it. It is very depressive in origami society.


The model will be long live because people still fold it.

There are many kusudama tutorial on the internet, so the origami books lose the selling. If how to fold the model only available in the book, rare people will fold that model. We have to accept this fact in this era. In this time, people find how to fold the model on YouTube. I will not know how to fold "Infinity kusudama", if Kankichi did not publish her video. Some of her video did not give credit to the artist, so the origami community angry. But I can make that kusudama because Kankichi teach me, who I should give credit if she did not state who is the designer. Sometimes, it can be seen that when we use the artist name for the title, we intend to use the popularity of artist name to drive traffic to our video. If my name is popular, I want them to write my name in the title, so that they have more traffic and can makes money from the video. Why don't you want your origami fanclub get rich? If they don't state your name that is because they don't want to take advantage from your popularity. However, some artists come to your video and ask you to delete it. They don't respect our time and our love to their design. They want us to ask them first before use their design. So we just don't make how to fold their model because of the difficulty. And if their model is not sharing, the model will be dead in the library.


I think to use "copyleft" for my kusudama creation, so people will have freedom to my work. People will normally give you a credit. When people don't give you a credit, you just be happy because your kusudama design is not dead in the library.

Update 2022-10-12

*Note for copyright issue*
Please do not leave negative comment or attack creator directly.
It will discourage some creators whether they are guilty or not.
For example, "Did you ask for permission?" is also a trigger to their feeling.
They will hesitate their creativity and lost self-confident.
If you want to do a copyright infringement, the following is the best way.
% Click a report button in YouTube.
% Discuss with a person who you believe is the original author before take action.
% Fold the model and post to your account with the description you believe it should be.
*The following you can do, but I don't recommend.
% Capture screen and post the evident to public social media. 
(It can be considered as social bullying)
*Note about copyleft*
You can copy my work, I will not attack you as it also benefits to my presence.
If there is someone annoying, you can completely ignore them or block them.
But you cannot apply this policy to all designers.
Acknowledge that you are taking risk if you choose to copy.
If you want to be cited as you had created this model before, 
you can leave your work url in comment.
Acknowledge that I will decide I agree with your claim or not.
*The following you can do with my work*
% Fold it and post your work to your account.
% Create a video tutorial (assembly method is preferable).
% Modify it with your creativity and get new design by yourself.
% Draw a diagram and share for free. (If you sell, I want some donation :D)
% Teach your students to fold it. (If you sell a course, I want some donation :D)
% Include the instruction in your book. (If your book sold, I want some donation :D)
% Sell your finished model is okay both online or flea market.
Note that any activity with money is in gray area for the majority.

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